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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
A little watercolour I did for an anime art constest the local anime club I belong to ran last year. It's cute and not without it's charms but it's not my greatest piece of work. I think my favorite thing about it is how I was able to create the look of a dusty chalkboard with watercolours.

Usually when there's something I really like about a drawing I've done it will be some tiny detail that most people will overlook or take for granted. Something unimportant to what's going on in the picture. The chalk board is what I like about this one. It looks very chalky to me.

I like Azumanga Dioh. Yeah it's a girl comic but I still like it. I like the cute funny girly comics, what can I say. I even like, on occaision, the odd girly romance comic that makes me go all warm and squishy. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm a big fuckin' sap. I guess that's one thing Fred Gallagher and I have in common. That and the fact that for every halfway decent looking hand we draw we draw 100 that look like shit.

Hey, hands are really fucking hard to draw especially if you're a hack like me who's never taken art lessons. I really should take art lessons someday. Imagine how completely awsome my dickgirls would be if I learned how to draw.

Er.... moving right along...