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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
One of the problems with having too much freaking imagination for your own good is that you tend to come up with more characters and story ideas than a normal person can ever draw.

I was doodling and thinking about a magical girl type character who basically travels from band to band, playing bass, and helping each band overcome some hurdle and then moving on to the next band.

Kind of an bassist version of The Littlest Hobo I suppose.

Maybe I'll find somewhere else to use this character.

Anyways, I coloured the background of this picture with markers but the girl herself was an experiment using dollar store makeup (eye shadow to be exact) to colour a picture. Althought it doesn't show up on the scanner the original has a really cool sparkly metalic effect to it that really makes the girl pop out from the grey background.

This picture features another of my typical cityscape scenes. For some reason I am completely unable to draw cities that don't look like downtown Hamilton (the city where I dwell). Maybe if I moved back to Toronto I'd start drawing all my cities looking like downtown Toronto. Oh well, Hamilton is not without it's gritty charms.