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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
A guest comic I created for Clay over at Sexy Losers.

I owe a lot to Clay. Besides being a swell friend he was the inspiration that got me started in this whole webcomic thing. Without Sexy Losers there likely never would have been a Ghastly's Ghastly Comic.

I did okay on the backgrounds for this one but I fucked up the people something terrible. Blech! Oh well, it's nowhere near as crappy as the stuff I was drawing when I first got started in comics so I can't complain too much now can I. Damn straight.

This guest comics is based on a very famous Sexy Losers strip. Famous because it was ripped off in a number of publications and bastardized version of Clay's original strip were passed around like a cheap highschool slut on her first fieldtrip to Montreal where she discovers the inhibition destroying properties of a bottle of wine.

Best band trip EVER!