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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
This is the poster I made for our gig at The Staircase cafe. We played there for the "Not So Silent Film Festival".

The festival was part of the Hamilton Film Festival. What they did was play movies with the sound off and then have bands that best fit the movie play along with it. Bandai gave us the go to play along with two episodes of Cowboy BeBop and so we did. Worked out a great punk version of the themesong Tank.

I've toyed on and off with the idea of creating a Science Ninja Big Ten comic. The band makes a pretty good anime team. Our drummer Dave is the team's spiritual/mystic monk warrior type guy. Monica, our bassist, is the Catgirl in a tiny schoolgirl uniform. Our guitarist Pete is the hot-headed ninja kid hell bent for revenge on the enemy that destroyed his family/clan and yet only a stone's throw away from turning to the darkside himself. And I'm the team "big guy" because every anime team needs a "big guy".