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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
This is the original concept art for Polly's Gone Home. I drew this while sitting in a Tim Hortons and used coffee and watercolours to colour it.

Tim Hortons is probably my favorite place to work. I like to sit down each day with my XL Black and an old fashioned plain and draw while I have my breakfast. In fact, the majority of work for Apophenia takes place at Tim Hortons. The group of regulars at the shop near me are pretty interesting. There's one guy who is there most mornings who is an artist and cartoonist and he gives me a lot of pointers. He's an old friend of Enki Bilal too. Holy crap! His pointers have been very helpful indeed.

Anyways, this was the picture of the girl at her laptops that gave birth to the whole concept of Polly's Gone Home. The story ideas this girl and setting created just rushed to my head. I seriously can't wait to start working on it but I want to take just a bit more time to refine my art skills and 9-panel skills before I jump into this series. I really want to be on top of my game for this one. Hopefully my readers will find the wait worth it.