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There is no update schedule. Things go up when they go up.
I got kind of annoyed at all those "what [insert noun] are you" internet personality tests you see clogging up the livejournals and other assorted blogvilles. None of them ever accurately depict who you are so then I came up with the "What webcomic artist are you" internet personality test and low and behold. I'm Ghastly.

This was from a forum game I started on Keenspace. Instead of taking the test you just went ahead and created he end picture you would have ended up with. Drove some webcomic artists nuts because they were left wondering "where the hell is this test you're all taking?"

To be honest I'm surprised nobody's gone and created such a test yet. There'd certainly be no shortage of result pictures. The original thread is probably still on the Keenspace forums. Er... Comicgenesis forums. Tomatoes, potatoes.