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The original watercolour I made of Polly was created in a Tim Horton's coffee shop one afternoon. Instead of using water to mix the paints I used some coffee. It was just an idle doodle of a girl with two laptops sitting on the floor in a corridore that looked part factory, part 1940s rocketship. As I worked on the picture I became more and more enamoured with the girl and her story began to take shape inside my head. By the time I got home I was excited to begin work on the new series.

Two episodes were scripted and I began work on the storyboards for the first of them. While doing this the 24 Hour Comic Day even came up and I decided it would be best if I worked with characters I was already familiar with. What am I more familiar with than tentacle monsters and Polly. It seemed natural the two should be together at last so I created, in 24 hours this little story. It's non-canon to the actual Polly series I am working on but it does give you a pretty good look into her personality and manners.

The tentacle monster will not be in the series, has no name, and does not speak. Poor guy. He doesn't get his own bio. Back to the Cast Page