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One of the things I've noticed looking at the works of other artists who have taken part in 24 hour comics is that often the artwork starts off very detailed but as the comic continues it becomes more and more simplistic. I decided to try and maintain a consistant art level while working on the comic so I started off with a very simplistic style and tried to keep it all the way through.

Unfortunately the brush pen I was inking with had different ideas, it was in pretty bad shape towards the end. In retrospect I shouldn't have scrimped on the pen. Oh well.

Incidently, notice the "creative spelling" of "samurai"? That's the problem of saving the lettering until you're the most sleep deprived. The lettering was that last thing I did on the comic. "samuria". Sheeesh. I'd change it, but, you know, it's past 24 hours. Oh well.