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Born on September 13th, 1965 in Northern Ontario Ghastly didn't begin drawing until well into his late 30s. Inspired by a Sexy Losers comic titled The Lighter Side Of Tentacle Rape he created the webcomic Ghastly's Ghastly Comic a 4 panel yonkomanga styled comic that poked fun of hentai and anime cliches, in particular the tentacle monster genre.

As a self taught artist Ghastly used this first comic to explore the medium, experiment with technique and make many mistakes which were passed off as "learning experiences".

Although the webcomic became quite popular Ghastly still makes his living as a musician and freelance audio engineer and is an accomplished accordionist having once performed for a gathering of over 250,000 people.

He grew up a small town boy with a dog but now lives in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.