Welcome to my world of weird. (Note, containes violence, blood, blocked-out-but-you-get-the-point-language, and Yaoi.) :)

Updates randomly as I do have a life. Many a day normally.

Rayner crashed into Joey's school fleeing from the Northern leaders of his planet, and decided that people on Earth must be friendly! Now Joey is his best friend, and must teach him how to act on Earth along with helping him escape and defeat his enemies. Rayner is curious, about 17 (in Earth years), and can morph slightly. He's lovable and clueless, and can't go a day without causing everyone problems. Loyal, very strange, and has an obsession with licking things, mostly because his kind have extremely sensitive tongues. Back to the Cast Page
Haven't quite figured out the organization. It's installment based, so the page you see may not be the last. First comic is under the "first" button. Then there are 23 more, then it's the second installment, and I hope to put an installment every 10 or so. Installment pages are the ones you see currently. I'll get it right sooner or later.
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I'm 15, and this is my first comic ever online. I've been doing them for a while in the real world (more or less) but I felt trapped now that my series is ending, so... Let's take a step! My drawing may suck now, but hey, that's how you improve, right? ... full profile