Christine Ewert ||   

I'm Christine, or you can call me Foxy. :) 15 years old, first webcom, but not first comics ever... My series is ending (My Friend the Vampire) and I felt I'm ready to try to draw and put things on the computer. I've loved webcoms forever! Now I can get my own, helped by this wonderful site... Anyway, about me? Love to draw, funny, very quiet and intelligent (If you ask others about me) I'm an activist/hippy, but I love heavy rock music, so I'm kind of all over the place. I'm just a little crazy. :) Helps when making people laugh. I hate sports, anti-gay or pro-fur stuff, guys with huge muscles, and.... annoying things? Anyway, I'm calm almost all of the time and adore nature and art. So, that's me! ....... Enjoy the comics. ..... No, seriously. Do it. Any comments, questions, fanart ;) email me at A pic of me can be found within the comics, mostly becuase the size allowed is 150x150 pixels! Puny little image! No way! It's a little entertaining, if not just to laugh at, so it's in the comics, in the second installment block, "Home."