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Hello. Howdy. How do you do? You can call me Gitaroo Knight Shiru Sil Kamina Varuna Rei IV. "G.K. Sil Kamina" and "Shiru" are two other options should my official name be too long for your liking.


The real name's J.M. Martir...but who cares about that?


I'm a notorious procrastinator who can't finish what I start. Currently 21 years of age, attending college, and working at Publix for money (which I waste on anime figurines).  I love Pokemon, get more enjoyment than I should out of Monster Rancher, think Digimon is okay, and don't know what the hell a "Spectrobe" is.  All artwork by yours truly is done 100% in Photoshop. No paper used here. As much as I'd like to say it's because I "love nature" and am "being green", it's actually because I don't want to buy more pencils and sketchbooks. Alas.