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Geoff Munn ||   

I currently work as a 2D/3D Artist/Animator for a video game company, 1st Playable Productions, right next to NY's capital Albany, in Troy, NY.  I have worked on "A Tale in the Desert II", "A Tale in the Desert III", and a game based on Orson Scott Card's "Alvin Maker" series for Pittsburgh based gaming company eGenesis.  1st Playable games worked on include "Santa Clause 3" for the Game Boy Advance, "Marvel Trading Card Game: DS" for the Nintendo DS, as well as a current unreleased title, also for the Nintendo DS. 

I am also the creator/writer/artist for several personal projects, the first will see the light in 2008, titled "Chronicles of a Dead Ninja: Killing Seasons".  Others include "Archetypes", "Devil's Fire", and a title I plan to work on with my father called "Fraternal Order".  

I live with my wonderful wife, and enjoy spending time with her in any capacity.  We go to the gym, watch tv, and shoot each other with nerf guns to help pass the time.