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Frequently Asked Questions!!


Q1. Dude, WTF?! Why do you keep the background dark and the text all white?

A1. Because I happen to agree with the great Maddox, and feel that the normal black text on white screen is like looking at the shadows on a friggin' lightbulb. It's painful to my eyes, and I'll bet I'm not the only one. Plus, it does make the comic stand out more, and that's what you guys are here for, right?.....Right?.........guys?

Q2. AAAA! You ruined it! Why did (random character) do (random action)?!?! Now my perverted coupling of these completely incompatible characters can never come to fruition!!

A2. I'm telling a story, not running a fanfiction grab-bag lovefest. If you want to craft this horrific mismatch of stickfigure-on-stickfigure funtime, please do so...just keep it on your own site.

Q3. Is it okay if I link to your comic?

A3. Toooootally, dude. Link away. Images, are another matter, however...(see below)

Q4. What program do you use to make tWO?

A4. Everything is created in Inkscape. In any other program, I suck. Suck suck suck.

Q5. I absolutely ADORE (insert image or whatever here)! Can I use it on my page?

A5. Okey-dokely, let me make this very clear: I don't care if you draw something from my comic, as long as YOU draw it. If you are going to use something that I drew, please ask me first...I may say yes or no, depending on how much being used, and credit ought to be given where it's due.

Q6. Hey, do you mind if I sell (random stuff featuring my art)?

A6. Umm...contact me at snoodledumpling@yahoo.com with any and all merchandising propositions, but it's best to do so BEFORE you go making things. After all, I could say no. If I do say no don't pester me. I said no for a reason, and perstering doesn't help you any.

Q7. Hey, I found this place that's posting your comics and (saying they're his/saying they're yours), are they allowed to do that?

A7. No, they are most decidedly NOT allowed to do that. Full comics will get posted on this site and on no other (unless I move, in which case this one would come down). I don't care if they are giving me credit, and I don't care if they say it's advertising. Report it, if possible, and I'll try to deal with it as best as I can.

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