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David Goldwing ||   

I live in Roseville, California. That's several hours drive on the freeway away from the coast, so stop asking me if I surf. I'm in a landlocked city! I have never gone to the beach! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

 In other news, I am a senior in high school and will be graduating in less than a month. Then it's a junior college for me, cause my grades suck too much for scholarships. Yeah, I live at home with my parents...that's because I'm not yet 18, and I don't have a job. Or money. Or a life, as evidenced by the existance of my webcomic.

I greatly enjoy waffle irons, Numb3rs, soda, sushi, Second Life, llamas, DA BIG BOOM, aerosol cheese, and Star Trek...Mmm, Chekov...

I own none of the crud I talk about. I only own the pictures I put up.