Goliath Freed As much as I hate to say this, I'm going to be putting Goliath Freed on hold for awhile. I've been feeling really over-worked lately, and it's become apparent I can't tackle all of the projects I want to. I had to choose between Goliath Freed and another project I really wanted to keep doing. I may pick the comic back up again, but I can't really say when.

Tuesday and Friday
Goliath's second full design. I was still trying to make those damn furry boots work, I'm not sure why, now. The hair. God. He looks like the singer from Simply Red. Granted the version I went with is, essentially, a mullet, but this hair makes him look like he's on cocaine. This outfit overall had him looking a little more barbaric, whereas his current look is a bit more Medieval Europe. The only thing I really kept from this one was his cape. And no version of Goliath I drew ever shaved. He just trims, apparently.

New Shout box, the old one was full of pop-ups and ect.
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