Goliath Freed As much as I hate to say this, I'm going to be putting Goliath Freed on hold for awhile. I've been feeling really over-worked lately, and it's become apparent I can't tackle all of the projects I want to. I had to choose between Goliath Freed and another project I really wanted to keep doing. I may pick the comic back up again, but I can't really say when.

Tuesday and Friday
I need to take today and Friday off from the comic, so I'm posting some more behind the scenes material. This is my first sketch of Danyi. He's about the same in the comic, though his clothes are a bit different. I've never been able to get his hair to look quite this way again. It's ended up being more curly.

New Shout box, the old one was full of pop-ups and ect.
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