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asics ning (asics) says:

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Ben Nonapplicable (buckshot488) says:

I believe we just got trolled :U, also I know I'm a 'bit' late on this, almost 4 and a half years by now, but I would just like to say; what ever it is you do for hobbies, et cetera, I hope you're having a ball with it(:D).And if you left because of, well based on what I heard, qoute:"Or more specifically, he thought we were all crazy idiots as well and decided to just disappear from the fandom (apparently this opinion was formed when he went to AC)" unquote,if thats the reason, Im sure you had your reasons, but you gained some bad karma. In my books atleast(:P).Anyways I wish you good will and so on, so forth, yada yada yada, I dont think you'll see this comment, but hey, it's worth a shot.Also I would be very appreciative(wheres spell check when you need it, eh?) of you checking out my deviantART gallery (:D)[http://buckshot488.deviantart.com/gallery/].


P.S I love your art.

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