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asics ning (asics) says:

Farmers to the social instability said not only make the urbanization in thinking and hesitation in the mire of the hesitation, UGG Boots Sale but also lead to urbanization practice to stagnate and pause at the, North Face Sale' false urbanization 'like a fog covered people's eyes and the household registration system like a sword cut off the close relationship between the urban and rural areas, more like a mountain MBT Shoes UK will citizens and isolated in the mountains on both sides of the farmers, as in the same language board demolishes the other point of view. Timberland Boots UK He points out that the most influence of urbanization reason there are five: one is the social stability is of overriding importance influence, put too much emphasis on a large number of peasants into the city will cause the social instability; UGG Boots Outlet The second is to avoid the big cities disease for reason

ning ning (jacekt) says:

However, the country and the government because of the limitation of capital, information block, the lack of personnel and so on reasons,MBT Shoes UK the lack of enough broad-spectrum action, therefore, folk charity become a necessary complement.GHD Rare This is a charity things industry, charity system must be the reason for the existence of the. The human social inequality, imbalance is a kind of universal existence, this makes any kind of charity, cannot cover all the areas and all the people. Bill? Gates donated 1000, also cannot solve AIDS disease problem; Li3 ya3 peng2 the charitable foundation , can only focus on cleft lip children's individual. GHD Purple Charity is more important, GHD Red Lust is a kind of spirit power of the guidance, we need to all of us, in all fields of participation

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