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Ricky Hyde (ricky) says: This is very sexy. will she make them bigger?
Rhennessa (rhennessa) says: Well, this was the last of Grey's bonus strips I do believe, and the Wampus-Rhennessa booba-switcharoo plotline has finally come to a close. I think Katty is probably veeeeery happy to be back to normal now, mmhmm.
Mekel Galasarn (chessrook44) says:

[Is just staring, mouth agape.]

Just for reference, this is not because of attraction, but because of pure and utter shock.

Apollo Legend (ghetto-puppy92) says: lol the bird
Olafur Hafstein (icelandicboy) says:

I'm a guy, so naturally I like big boobs, but this......

I'm just all out of words.

In a bad way.

JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: they have to get bigger that's all I have to say, I love big boobs, the bigger the better.
Daniel Boomhauer (kusanagi-sama) says: You guys, calm down, don't go crazy over something like this.  Though, I like big breasts too, but I don't crazy over these things.
C. Battleship Kattywampus (kattywampus) says: That was my favorite shirt.  T.T
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Some people say I is not been living in a fairy tale? The tone of both praise have warned. Praise and caution, so I am very convinced. Praise both, cautions do not mean people should reinforce a line of defense, but just to remind me: the shortcomings of the fairy tale is not that it is so beautiful, and that it went into a more numerous and harsh world necessary, then I'm afraid it is too delicate.

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He sincerely admit error. Everyone silence, everyone knows that in addition to his own: child injury in the spinal cord, as the injury is irreversible. The child is still not daring to move, wiping tears stood neatly with a pair of small hands is shrinking. Finally someone first opening tone became Mourning soft: "The next Amoy Amoy up?" The children are familiar with this tolerance or forgive immediately straining shook his head: "No, no, not!" At the same time relieved. But this time different from the past, not how people followed "Well, as long as the change is still a good boy," coach factory online he promised it?

His eyes wide open to see an adult, that is: Not yet.? Do not naughty not enough? But it he did not know, he do not know, there is a mistake in the coach factory outlet online fate of only a criminal, and no opportunity to correct fate is not a wrong mistake, (such as naughty is nothing wrong with it?) not be forgiven. Child called "five eggs, I remember him when he was just seven years old, he does not know, he cheap coach purses do not know. The future, he will inevitably one day will know that he will inevitably one day will understand me? But in any case, the day is the end of a fairy tale. At all at the end of the fairy tale, let coach factory outlet us understand: God, will be laid to temper life under a cruel riddle.

Lived on the sixth time, I have seen a pair of lovers. It is my age now when they, aged 40. They are the university students. Twenty-four of the men is supposed to be abroad, the date has been set, pack up all prepared, may be the fate of impermanence, I do not know What the hell, something had to delay for a month because of a migraine this month medical malpractice he paralyzing. Woman passionately devoted to him, waiting for him, first waiting for him well, did not wait; then waiting for him, waiting for him to agree to marry her, or did not wait for. The outside world and the inner obstacles, year after year, both looking forward to her to convince her to go.

But year after year, the disease can not escape the love could not escape, the woman always be waiting. She once ruthless heartless, transferred out to the field to work, but cut off the feelings are not so simple, but think of transferred back to Beijing is not so simple woman as long as there is a three-day holiday also the span of a thousand miles to Beijing ran. Heavier men when disease, the body could not move, and I shared a ward.

Woman was gone, the men said to me: if you love her, you can not harm her, unless you do not love her, can you and why you want to marry it? Man fell asleep, the woman said to me: I know louis vuitton purses he loves me, he does not understand that in fact this is causing me, I really want to go the trouble, I tried, no, I know I can not do not love him. The woman walked the man said to me: No, no, she was still young, she has a chance, she was married, she can not live without love. Sleeping woman said to me: What is the opportunity? The opportunity is not in their hearts, married outside opportunity may be outside, love the chance only in the heart.

When the woman is not, I told her the men, the men silent weeping. I asked him: "Why can not you marry her?" He said: "you do not know," he said: "It's hard to say where, because you live in the entire world." He said: "So sometimes this is not light by two people will be able to decide. "I was indeed still do not understand. I find the opportunity to asked the woman: "Why do not the two people will be able to decide?" She said: "No, I do not think so."

She said: "But it does, and sometimes this is indeed very difficult." She pondered the question, said: "Really, you say you do not know." 19 years later, that the couple now has are elderly . I do not know their respective where, I just heard that they later broke up. 19 years, I have also had the experience of love, now if there is a 21-year-old man asked my love is what?

I can only answer: probably really, this may never been not able to say where. Whatever she is, she rarely belong to the language, but belong entirely to the heart. Still my Taiwanese writer San Mao was right: love, such as Zen, can not say that we can not say, one that is wrong. That is at the end of a fairy tale, God is our forever pursuit of live, set a cruel but tantalizing riddle.

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