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Ricky Hyde (ricky) says: Ow. She blow her top.
Mekel Galasarn (chessrook44) says: Somebody get Kahuka, he has to clean up the remains of Wyld's head.
Olafur Hafstein (icelandicboy) says: She was so young and pretty.
Wyldsyde (wyld_syde) says:

Oy vey.... I have a splitting headache.

Got any aspirin? 

Lonnie Gaylor (lonlonman) says:

Sombody's Seen Scanners Which Is A Good Movie I Might Add.

Daniel Boomhauer (kusanagi-sama) says: We all know how you feel, our electric bill was crazy high for last month for a 2 bed, 1 bath apt.
Cye-chan The cute one. (cye-chan) says:

I've seen Scanners!! gee I feel old now.


Apollo Legend (ghetto-puppy92) says:

death by atomical-like explosion of the head, caused by over stress of financial concerns

Salen Stormwing (salen) says: Thats usually how I feel during allergy season.
JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: Poor Wyld, no need to stress out. Just need someone to ballence your bills and payroll and what not.*couch*like me.*cough*
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