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Ricky Hyde (ricky) says: Oh man I feel sorry for Anarch.
Narzain Rithaos (narzain) says: Ooh, I get the feeling there's going to be a reckoning on Day 367...  It's not gonna be pretty.
Sylvr Wolfe (jpsylvrwolfe) says: ...Chuthulu?
Olafur Hafstein (icelandicboy) says:

If that were Chuthulu, Anarch either would have torn out his eyes in complete maddness or died right there. Though I wouldn't be surprised if that is a distant relative.

I had been wondering what the relation was between those two. Wonder what Anarch did to owe a debt to that Demon. Think it has something to do with his cyber-implants?

Salen Stormwing (salen) says: Wow, I feel sorry for poor Anarch there. Poor guy. Makes me wonder what he asked for, although to be truthful, that WD-40 joke was pretty funny. I can see why he makes jokes like that now.
Timothy Goddard (karo) says: I dislike Mr. Lahn now, his style of villany was kind of cool at first.  Now I juat want to see Anarch kick him back through the chaos portal.  the man deffinitly underestimates the value of keeping ones underlings in some moderate high moral.  He also underestimates the little guy and relys on his power. A true Villan to the core. I'll bet he kicks puppies too.  I also have to agree, the WD-40 joke was good ^.^ awsome strip Wyld.
Ian Jarrell (johnwolf) says:

KICK HIS BUTT ARCH DON'T MATTER IF U OW HIM A DAMN THING/  dept is somthing that can be paid 2 ways wene u deal with a guy like him one servitude 2 kick his butt

ah its been over done for a wile (the joke) the pun is BAAAAADDDD it could have been more if arch wasn't attacked


JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: I sense an up rising like no other.
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