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Timothy Goddard (karo) says: I want some trashbags too darnit.
Olafur Hafstein (icelandicboy) says:

That guy shouting trash bags....did he just wet himself or something? What the hell is that black stuff between his legs?!?

Wait....I dont want to know.

Daniel Boomhauer (kusanagi-sama) says:

That's Geemo's feet.

Makes me wonder what Odin wants Rhennessa for, and what he intends to do with her.

Salen Stormwing (salen) says: Wow, it was a macro who's-who this week. And hehe, Rhen's everyone's favorite it seems.
Geemo (geemo) says: Why do I want trash bags???  I am confused!  Why can't I be in with Dorothy??? 
JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: This can't be good. I have a bad feeling about why Odin wants Rhen.
Mirlinth Loth (mirlinth_loth) says: Mini Rhen?  I see a spin off comin on.  :P
asics ning (asics) says:

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