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Salen Stormwing (salen) says:

Pads really shouldn't inflict his torturous running on other folks, especially that early in the morning. Its not healthy.

Ricky Hyde (ricky) says:

Never try to wake me at 5 am just ask my mom.

JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: I will not wake up at 5 am, ask all my family members and friends.
Ian Jarrell (johnwolf) says:


anyway wake me up at that time your tail would be in a new place along with your bones. trust me my family don't like it wene i'm up that early

very grumpy i am


Honest Liar (mack) says:

I'd just go back to sleep.

...And stay asleep.

Daniel Boomhauer (kusanagi-sama) says:

I always wake up around 6-6:30AM, but thats only because I have to work at 7:30AM.  On weekends, I get up anywhere between 9-11AM.

Either way, I am not a morning person

Vince Kamenev (vince_kamenev_the_wolftiger) says: I see an early grave for pads.
Timothy knockaert (sibe) says: you guys are lucky...
i wake up at 4am every day for my work and then i get at work around 5am and i can listen to my boss bitching at my head for 1 hour.... but i just got this new mp3 player i listen to music while hes giving me his lecture...
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