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Cye-chan The cute one. (cye-chan) says:

Be careful what you wish for. ..and they stole all of Rhen stuff. This does not bode well.


Rhennessa (rhennessa) says: Dingo stew has just come onto the menu.
wyanewill the puerto rican fox (wyanewill) says: I love the new and improved you, Rhenny!
Ricky Hyde (ricky) says: I knew those pervs would take them. The poor females.
Vince Kamenev (vince_kamenev_the_wolftiger) says: Hm...Smart but not very good on the uptake I guess XP
C. Battleship Kattywampus (kattywampus) says: ...pffffft...buahahahahahahahahaaaa!!  =T__T=
Watts Inaname (kajigger) says: I must be a little slow because it took me like 10 minutes to get the name of that comic. However, that name is freakin hilarious.
Mirlinth Loth (mirlinth_loth) says: I've always been fond of the sneakiness of Dingos... and the careless ness of overly inflated Vixens.
Salen Stormwing (salen) says: Either the studio needs bigger doors or a big hammer is gunna be needed to get that round peg through that square hole. Oh the choices one has to make.
Richard Wilson (redsaber) says:

Ha ha ha...ah that was good. I think someone needs to call for tumb of grease. But didn't I see this somewhere on some old B-movie?

Also not to sound rode, but when are you planning on making some more BF funnies Wyld? I don't know how much longer I can wait to see how this date with Havoc goes.

JJ Husk (jj_husk) says:

Poor Rhen, she got stuck, oh wells.

For redsaber

Wyld was getting ready for AC, if you read the comment Pad put on  firday's comic strip. And the comic strip will pick up again this week I think. 

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