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James Storm (saber61) says: Oh so Bustyed
sam wesley (compaq98) says: lol someone's up sh*t creek
Mike Fang (mikefang) says: B'HAHAHAHAHA! Now wearing the robe seems like a good idea, since if he was wearing pants right now, he'd be sh!tting them.
Mirlinth Loth (mirlinth_loth) says: Demon merchant... that has a rather pleasant ring to it.  **chuckles**
Nunya Bidness (vladspellbinder) says: Sir Lahn's reaction to being "recognized" is so funny, I'm *still* chuckling about it, even after a good three minuets of 'face on the computer desk' type laughing, funny stuff. He's not the type of "merchant" that you really want people knowing about through "word of mouth" so when Padfoot knew just who he was it just derailed his train of thought. And he had this whole speech planed out and everything...
I am guessing that Wyldsyde told him about Akkadian, that is how he knew about the Jackal and just what/who he was. Maybe if he hadn't worn the robe...This promises the be interesting. If Wyld did indeed tell Pads about Lahn then he might not take the "wish for a favor" deal, but he might still go with it because of how much she hurt him over this whole "open relationship"...But if he truly loves her then he won't be tempted and Sir Lahn will have to find some other way of removing "her greatest protector"...
JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: I wounder how Pad knows him, the plot has taken a turn, I can't wait to see the next installment.
Shadow Water (icalasari) says: That expression is priceless :D
Salen Stormwing (salen) says:

Woah! Thats scary. Pads actually knows who Lahn is already. That was... unexpected. His expressions in the last 3 panels are great though. Well so much for him getting Pads to agree to anything... unless Lahn pulls out the Wyld's getting her wild oats with Karrl, then maybe he will agree to something.

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