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Vince Kamenev (vince_kamenev_the_wolftiger) says: So now its not only Wyld, but Rhen too....thats a twist.
Olafur Hafstein (icelandicboy) says:

He's gonna hurt Grey?!? That's like kicking a puppy, its evil!!

(as for Rhen, well, I'm not all that worried. I just know the guy is somehow gonna mess up the ritual, and then the busty Vixen is gonna deliver him some smack-down with her huge Mega-Galvatron Hammer of Pain! :))

Salen Stormwing (salen) says: I'm feeling sorry for poor little FB? I must be coming down with the flu or something. I'm delirious. Thats gotta be it.
Rhennessa (rhennessa) says: Akkadian doesn't mess things up. People have to mess it up for him, and that takes a LOT of effort to do. Thar be drama on the horizons!
Timothy Goddard (karo) says: poor lil guy
JJ Husk (jj_husk) says: Oh no not the pervert, I must save my fallow perverted man, then again I don't want to be killed, so never mind. The drama and twist of what is about to unfold is so much.
Shadow Water (icalasari) says: So, who wants to bet that Havok screws up Akkadian's plans?
Grey of PTA (grey) says: Oh no! Not Fanboy #752! Ahwell, there are zillions of other ones to fall back on. Some other FB will just steal his shirt and porno collection. They are jackals after all...or dingos...or something.
Honest Liar (mack) says:


Daniel Boomhauer (kusanagi-sama) says: Akkadian is probably going to turn the Fanboy into an excessive sized vixen so that he won't have to look for a new one.
Laurana . (laurana) says: i see it is real photos of Rhen =)
Bryan Keller (lilbryan) says:

Taking bets. Ten to one says he turns the lil guy into a Mini-Rhen, or similar greatly boobed vixen. He wouldnt kill him, not when he likes the lil guy, as said previously.


On a differant note... Surpsingly, I actually wanna see more of Rhen's rear than front surprisngly. As said by a roomate regarding Rhen "Enough with the train, bring on the caboose!" 

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