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The bodybuilding giraffe of Carpe Diem. Though he's one of the tallest (and largest) characters of Carpe Diem, you couldn't find a nicer guy at the gym. ... more
The bodybuilding tiger of Carpe Diem. While he's not the largest (that's Josh), nor the strongest (that's Burt), he's definitely the owner of the greatest ego. ... more
The powerlifting panda of Carpe Diem. Owner of the gym where most of the cast can be found, he's the father figure of the bunch. ... more
The bodybuilding rhino (and object of Rodney's affections) of Carpe Diem. While he's currently working as a construction worker, his dream is to be a professional bodybuilder. ... more
The old flame of Burt and the older brother of Josh. He's the one who got Josh (and even Kevin) into Bodybuilding, and he's the one who broke Burt's heart when he left. ... more
The online addict cheetah. He's the only one in the Carpe Diem cast who doesn't work out at the gym, but he can still outrun the others without even trying. ... more
Supporting Cast: Keesha

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Graveyard Greg is the guy who writes Carpe Diem, Dungeons & Denizens, and Gaming Guardians. Love him like he loves you. ... full profile