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Full name: Ken Pierce
Animal: African Rhino
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 255 pounds
Age: 23

Quote: "Just one more rep!"

Hobbies: Bodybulding, comics, watching movies, enjoying Rodney's company, rebuilding 60's muscle cars.

Ken is one of the most easy-going individuals you might meet. Nice, thoughtful, polite, he's certainly not a stereotypical rhino. He even got laser surgery to improve his vision.

Ken hasn't been in town for too long, so not much is known about his past. What is known is the fact two weeks after he joined the gym Josh, Burt, and Kevin work at, he asked Josh out, thinking that the giraffe was gay. After all, Josh is clean, fashionable, and in Ken's own opinion, has the cutest little swish when he walks. Fortunately for Josh, he had a roommate and best friend that was single, and managed to get the rhino and cheetah together. Things are still in the developing stages of Ken's relationship with Rodney, but so far, it's looking to be off to a good start.

Of course, he still has to deal with Kevin's one-upmanship, but it's a cross Ken bears with little aggravation.

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