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Full name: Rodney Davis
Animal: Cheetah
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 240 pounds
Age: 24
Quote: "I did know this guy who was heavily into...but that might be too much infomration."

Rodney believes in being happy, and so far has follow that belief even through all the trials and tribulations in his life. Though thrown out of his parents' house when he was in his late teens for the 'crime' of admitting he was gay, being picked on due to his weight (an overweight cheetah is seen by many of his species as 'inefficient'), and teased by Kevin because he's a computer geek can seem like a lot to deal with, Rodney knows this one single truth: It could be a lot worse.

He's had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people online, and with the exception of Burt, has more stories to tell of his encounters than anyone else in the group. With the introduction of Ken into his life, he might just have the most interesting story of all, the one who manages to latch onto Rodney's heart, and keep it.

Now if he could just get Kevin to quit with making him the example of what Josh would look like when the giraffe forgets to work out...

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