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Redkam does fan art. This makes my weekend. Thanks, Red!

Burt and Kevin

The long version:

Well two things... a) I finally got glasses! I never realized how much I needed them but this is the first piece I did with them and I didn't have to stop at all because of headache or strained neck. I look like a dork but I am so happy that I can be productive again.

*ahem* and b) I was looking a ballet poses earlier today for inspiration and I came across a picture that depicted a couple doing doing this. So yes, this is a referenced picture somewhat. I still have trouble treating bodies as being able to fold and have mass and weight. Anyway, I looked at this picture and I'm thinking I would really like to try something similar and also earlier today my husband and I were talking about Greg, and I'm thinking, Hey! I haven't drawn any CD stuff in a while, so there you go.

If you're still reading this far, you receive the attention span cookie.

I'm thinking that they both could certainly do this. Maybe Burt for not too long because of his belly but I can see Kevin doing that for the fun of it. I dunno, maybe this is a failed pounce. Make your own story. I'll color this eventually, I got other stuff to finish first.

So there you go.
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