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Sorry for the lateness, but here's page 7! Kevin should know better than to run out into the street like that!

OK, now for the bad news. The bad news is that J won't be able to do any Carpe Diem pages for the month of October. I knew this was possibly going to happen, and if he feels like explaining, then he will. Suffice to say, he'll be missed next month.

The good news is his fiance will be doing the art chores, and she's already cranked out enough pages that I think we can do SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. That's right, folks! Starting October 1st, we're going for every day. Every. Day. Partly because I feel I owe it to you guys for that loooooong hiatus. Partly because I want to push the story forward. I've been planning this one for months, even before the big meltdown, and I think you'll love and hate what I have in store for the characters.

So Monday we'll have a new page! See you then!

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