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Graveyard Greg's Swapmeet Items!

Carpe Diem, Issue 8
(Comic Books and Mini-Comics)
$7.95 plus shipping

Carpe Diem Issue 9
(Comic Books and Mini-Comics)
$7.95 plus shipping

Carpe Diem, Volume 1
(Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels)
19.99 plus postage and handling

Gaming Guardians (Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.)): $14.99
The Internet Broke My Brain! (Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.)): $15.49
Carpe Diem T-Shirt: Issues (Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.)): $14.99
Carpe Diem T-Shirts (Clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.)): $14.99

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