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Graham R ||   

    Native to the state of Florida which resides in the United States of America (North America), Graham is studying Political Science, History, and Higher (supposedly) English and Grammar in the hopes of one day becoming a valuable community servant (i.e. politician). In his spare time Graham does crappy doodles and art which make the blind weep bloody tears of ultimate suffering and posts them online for his own twisted and sadistic amusement.

     Questionable Ethics is an experiment in both artistic advancement and political research. To develop an intriguing web comic which details the interations of not only people, but also of nations, information must be researched and massive amounts of data must be accumulated. This will bring Graham to research the topics of a Nation's founding and development, evolution\devolution of society and culture, the economical processes of governments (both indo and exo), intercultural relations, formatting hypotheses upon the subjects of interspecies relations, the fundamental natures of duty, honor, religion, the value of life (both sentient and non), this list goes on into infinity...


Oh, remembered another one: Blacksmithing. Graham is also researching and learning the ancient art of blacksmithing.


Because making your own battle axe is both needed and necessary in the modern political arena.