In a world of tyrannical empires, genocidal xenophobia and broken morality, a lone beacon of hope exists in THE DIADEM, a cluster of nations composed of a myriad of species and cultures whose inhabitants range from the mundane to the magical to the techno-organic. A gathering of minds, ideals and souls, this relatively young nation of political exiles, cultural misfits and racial remnants has stood firm for centuries against the vast powers which vie for its complete and total annihilation. But as a new, sinister power begins to makes its presence felt in the world, can this bold experiment stand against a force that feeds on frailties and corruption of the Diadem itself?


            Our story is told through the eyes of Gnat, a ninja whose traveling style of training throws him and his companions into the center of massive battles, mad governmental conspiracies and flaring racial tensions.

Updated Several Times a Week (this is not an oath).
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