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After finding the man who raised him brutally murdered, James sets off on a quest for revenge in the frozen world of Forever winter. James on the trail of a demented serial killer known only as Elrik. 1ST APPERANCE-CHAPTER I-until the end of the world ... more
A young woman traveling with her father to Bangor Maine with hopes of boarding a transport leaving forever winter. Abby having recently lost her mother to illness worries about her father and his obsession with leaving the world they know behind. 1st ... more
Trevor Elrik
Once an innocent Kid growing up in the train yard in New Hampshire has now been turned into a serial killer stalking young women. Has become the target of James, after killing the man who raised him, his reason for which have yet to be revealed 1st ap ... more
Abby's father is a kind and giving man, still morning the untimely death of Abby's mother. The pair is very close as Abby is all Walter has left in this world. His dream is that Abby would get the chance to live in a place without all the ice and snow. ... more
Deceased-Killed by Elrik 1st apperance-chapter II Death-Chapter II ... more
encounters James at elriks latest crime scene. 1st apperance-Chapter III:one step behind ... more
some of the local town people know him as "the collector", he searches the frozen tundra searching for anything left over from before the world we know ist apperance-N/A ... more
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let me spin it for ya quick...I graduated from the Kubert school way back in 2006 and I draw funny pictures and comics.. ... full profile