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The Escapist Club of Oak Knolls, California, is a group of mostly veteran gamers who are passionately devoted to their hobbies. These are their stories, in and out of character.


The theme of this comic is gamers and gaming. The stories are mainly based on my own experiences, the characters are composites of gamers i've known. Hopefully enough of the details are changed to avoid offending any of the original participants.


As for the execution, this is a clipart comic. I can't draw so i am just pasting images together. The character pictures and the main props were commissioned from Susie Beeca, a telented artist whose other work can be seen at http://susiebeeca.deviantart.com. A few come from other artists, others come from random bits done by members of my family over the years or from my own photographs. And the rest is copyright free stuff from commercial clipart collections. Currently, i'm using the 1999 Broderbund 30,000 image ClickArt files.

I put it all together with Corel Draw 12 and Corel Photo-Paint 12.

Hopefully, the overall look of the comic will improve a little as it goes on. But i really recommend reading it for the stories.


Character and curtain by Susie Beeca. Flowers and vase from an old family watercoler. Teacup and easel board traced from photos. Other items by Broderbund.

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