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Pretty regular, until it's finished!
Carl Martinez (endlesswake) says:

WOW, great job man!  Love it!

Douglas Hunter (brothergrimm) says: Wow, great creepy mouse-zombie story!  You did a killer job doing a story without dialogue.
Rebecca Clements (kinokofry) says:

That was fucking rivetting. Beautiful stuff!! The pacing was fantastically well done, and I really adore your style. Creepy and adorable at the same time. I was physically gasping and whatnot - it was that good!


I also really like this layout too, I haven't seen anything quite like this before, it's quite effective.


Well done! 

Eric Boeker (eboeker) says: Wow...that is quite fantastic.  A zombie rat epic.  Way to go!
Kathleen Shreve (kjshreve) says: I am actually not a huge fan of zombie stories, but I loved this one.  You made zombies... adorable?  Yeah, adorable.
Juan Navarro (navarro) says: This is realy great man, truly. Will blog about it tomorrow for ZombieYears.com
Sonia Schtolz (schtolzik) says:

Awesome comics without any text. After "reading" I feel like I have watch a movie.

Poor kittens. *sniff-sniff*

Greets from Russia.

Bryan Puffinburger (joeexplosion) says: Nothing but props for this. I f-ing love it!!!!!
Bridgett Spicer (brigtoon) says:

Zombie mice who terrify cats... ? This would be a great horror flick for cats... I can see lots of cats at a drive in, shrieking and covering their eyes with their paws...

 Nicely drawn... and most entertaining... but I sorta felt sorry for the kitties who fell victim. 


M. Kessell (mrkessell) says: Awesome work! I was enthralled. Also, I love how I can just scroll down from beginning to end.
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