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Woulda posted this earlier but I had to visit my Uncle in the Hospital this morning. He likes his Tim Hortons Coffee. I also screwed up scanning it once, so another hour later and changing all the dialoge from the script, here it is finally. Wanted to give a heads up that the <a href="http://gurukitty.com/contest3.php">Daqueran 3 Contest</a> has been extended till the 22nd of Nov. Also, <a href="http://gurukitty.com">my website</a> has a new adorable tagboard. Please go feel free to chat about Daqueran with the other readers. I put it up because one of my readers requested it by email.

This is the last Daqueran page of the year. I wont be posting one next week, but i will the week after like normal. It's just that I will be in Vernon for the Holidays and I wont be able to watercolour with two hyper kids running around. I also wont have my lightbox or any other essentials. Plus it's a VACATION. I will be bringing an easel an my oil paints to plein-air paint instead since that can be done outside and i'll need to escape the noise once in a while. If any of you watch my DA gallery, you can watch out for that. If I paint enough I'll start the website I was planning for selling prints and things other than comics. So to everyone, happy holidays, hope you have a wonderful holiday!
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