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We have a webcomic called Daqueran, that can be found on our website This comic is updated weekly.

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Story Information
Location: Continent of Gath'Mela (View map)
Protagonists: Daqueran (main), Tik and Iada
Antagonists: Kalmosses(main), Failon and their army

Daqueran is a Fantasy Adventure comic series. Inked traditionally and coloured digitally. The story is about a slave hero forced to complete a mission to stop a war between dragons and the known world. Daquerans origin and life are a mystery to everyone, and what Daqueran knows he's reluctant to tell.

Daqueran's only goal is to get the mission done to get back where "he belongs". Iada is determined to come with him as she has her own reasons for wanting to get to Shalynd, but can’t go it alone. Tik is a tiny little octopus that Daqueran found just before Tik was about to get eaten by a fish, they have been friends ever since.