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Completed Series

Hey guys! Nathaniel Smickle, who is an aspiring artist himself, has submitted a piece of fan art for Estancia. Nathan's style seem to lean towards the abstract side of form. Thanks for the piece, Nathan! You can check out more of his work at his own website, goonamation(

If you'd like to send in your piece, feel free to click on the submit button! See you on Friday for a new episode!

Fan art for Estancia

"The characters had very good personalities and the comic itself was well drawn.
Including side characters like that short man in politics, it shows the diversity in people you are trying to establish, and I found it even more fascinating with the way the,well lets say all, "evil" was portrayed in the comic. from the crooks, to the mutated humans, to the mechanical eyes!"
More Fan-Art:

Estancia #1,#2 available on!

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