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Only YOU can prevent dorm fires... and leave your friends to die in them, like Sandy might just be about to do...


I wonder if this is why there's not many girl firemen. Or, firewomen, as it were. Although some women pull it off, many of them just can't meet the minimum requirements. Not a huge problem, I couldn't meet them either. You seen what those guys have to do? You have to be a superhero to get into that job!

Incidentally, We were discussing this very topic in class the other day. Now, in this particular class, a Marine sits almost in front of me, and as the class goes on, you see him getting more and more agitated. Eventually he has had enough talk of changing stardards to let in people who can't do the work. So he angrily raises his hand and speaks:

"This is a simple question. I'm on the battlefield and get injured. I have to die because some stupid feminist wanted to be on the team? She can't carry me--they had to change the rules and the weight limits to let her join so she can feel better about herself or prove a point, and now it just cost me my life. Now, if she can carry the same as the rest of us, thats one thing, but changing the requirements? Thats crap."

 The teacher, who herself was a woman who had never had a real job in her life, didn't know how to respond to such a real-world scenario. She had never been outside of a classroom, so she did the normal 1st grade teacher thing and said:

"Oh yeah, thats an interesting point, any other ideas?"

Everybody pretty much shut up after that. 

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Day Job

Please allow me to get long-winded and philosophical for a moment... You see, the dream for any of us cartoonists is that one day, we can quit our day jobs, wake up when WE decide, and spend all day long doing the thing we really love: making comics. To be able to say that we make comics full time is the most glorious thing we can dream of achieving.

Recently, Kris Straub, the creator of one of my favorite webcomics of all time, was lamenting on his blog recently about how, after several years of being a full time cartoonist, he was having to take a day job again to keep things afloat. Now, sometimes these things just happen, and there's nothing you can do, and it doesn't mean that Kris isn't one of the top cartoonists working right now (he is in my opinion, anyway).

I just realized that a lot of my readers might be unaware of the greatness that is Starslip Crisis. So I wanted to point you guys in his direction. Head over to www.starslip.com and spend some time browsing the archives. If you're feeling especially generous, check out his store--he's got a wide variety of awesome products to check out. So help a cartoonist out. If you like his work, help him continue to live the dream.

Of course, I'd be lying if I didn't encourage you to feel free to help me out here at Dorm Dorks, if you're so inclined--that's why there's a tip jar, and of course, the first print collection. But I'd rather you get hooked on Starslip, like I am. It's one of the things I look forward to most each day. Just remember, the power you have as a reader is incredible. So use it wisely, and make Starslip Crisis a part of your day!

Rumblings of things to come...

My apologies for anyone who has had difficulty getting the site to work lately. I'm actually in the process of something very exciting (I think) and should have something to show in the next few weeks, but what I was working on caused the site to be down for a few brief periods lately. All should be good, now, though, so enjoy the comics and stay tuned for some cool developments!

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