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Five Iron Fashion

One-Shot, No Updates.
A 24-Hour Comic about dealing with the past--through violent use of a golf club.

Welcome to my second-ever 24-Hour comic. Be warned: this story contains lots of grown-up language. If you object to cussing, you may want to turn back now. It was down to the wire this year, with only about 20 minutes to spare at the very end. There's lots of little experiments here and there with style, technique, etc. Some pay off and some don't, but that's the raw nature of a 24-Hour comic. I don't feel the need to give you the page-by-page commentary, like I did last year. In any case, enjoy the story, and thanks for reading!

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And, as always, check out my ongoing webcomic, Dorm Dorks, at www.dormdorkscomic.com.
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