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Nina the Ninja in "Electronic Mailmen"

And thus begins my first attempt at a 24-Hour Comic. Talk about a fun experience, I had a blast! I had very little idea where this was going, other than I wanted to have a hard-core chick on a quest. I don't know if my depiction of these "Ninja Masters" is some kind of commentary on authority figures, or what. All I'm sure of is that their building is a giant N, which is either an homage, or an insult to the "Teen Titans" cartoon.

As far as process, I tend to be fairly ADD, so I knew I needed to break up my time. I would do rough pencil outlines, including dialouge, for several pages at a time, then I would alternate between inking and scanning and lettering until I got sick of any one job and would switch again. I seem to be averaging more panels per page than most 24-Hour comics I've seen, which caused some problems that will come up later...

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