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Look out guys. this is going to be WILD
JokuVIth Narcissus (jokuvith) says: cOFFEE Demon: Mega PUNCH!
Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:

refresh refresh refresh

arm socket frowns

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:

ha ha it's an afro! alright!

thanks for the arrow so I know where to look (I'm looking at the cloud man)

I hope this isn't a silly story...

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:

come baaaaaack

he doesn't wrinkly enough

this is one of those panels that really needs a full page spread

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:


the table is judging me 

I would like to buy the cigars in a jar seen in panel 2

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:

Patrick's playing three card poker with three cards ha ha ha


you should take a break from making the comics and do profile pictures of the characters with information about them

you have to do what I say I am your greatest fan

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:


 coffee demon is beginning to scare me and remind me of the great deku tree

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:

Patrick's father...never hugged him...

there's a lot of punching going on, reminds me of a comic called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, you may have heard of it.

UUUuuuu there's no more??? MAKE MORE

refresh refresh refresh refresh

Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:

ha ha under my comment it says "delete(pops a new window)" and I thought it said 'poops open a new window'.



Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says:







that's exactly what I thought would happen


Milpoop hoot-hoot (milpoop) says: WHERE IS THE NEXT PAGE F5 F5 F5 F5 D: < SAH I SAY SAH I DEMAND SATISFACTION
susan lohan (susanlohan) says:

Love reading your comic. Your drawing looks great too. Wonderful work!

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