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The House of Other Worlds

Sunday was my birthday and i'm sick from it. And it's not from the way you think it is. My sister dropped off her steam vac so i could clean the carpet my cat has been systematically destroying for the past few years. between the dirt and the chemicals my lungs/sinuses are kinda shot right now. But I see a rug again! I'll have to give it one more run thru and work on a few spots but the worse is over. i've never been a great housekeeper- but the past two years i've been very bad. Between work, my father's death, my mother's cancer and subsequent death something had to give- so it became a very messy apartment, eating too much and few updates for my comics. but now, i'm feelin better. amazing -how a clean rug perks you up- despite the current hacking i'm doing right now.

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