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Almost daily!
I know I'm weird but I don't think it's weird that I like beautiful women in beauiful art. I'm always striving to the standard set by Alphonse Mucha. This is more in the vein of the Kaigetsudo school of japanese Ukiyo-e prints.
That's me'n my ol' buddy Ernie. Summer '05.
Johnny H. and occasional Bedlam guest star Bish! Hootin' and hollerin' at the Bailey's annual X-mas bash.
This was an abandoned idea. I was going to do the full color sundays in a nature show format. Each week would feature a different animal and Bish would keep returning as an expert on that animal. Who knows? I still might do a few.
I liked drawing this character so when I ended his and Milt's story arc I kinda missed him. I'll bring him back from time to time like this.
Here I am with one of my Muses: Nellie McKay. At the Sellersville Theater June '05.
This is my letterhead design. If you should be so lucky as to get physical mail from me, heres what you'd see.
Man, I'll let anyone waltz into my strip. Why fight the inevitable?
This was inspired by Loreana Rushe over in Dublin. She's into Ukiyo-e so it was an excuse to do another piece in this style.
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