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Almost daily!
I had been carrying a torch up until this time. These event DID take place, the conversation almost verbatim.
This marked a turning point in my philosophy of this strip. I had come to grips with what had happened and glimpsed the true nature of those who offered support behind Cheshire smiles. Where are they now? Where were they when I needed them?
I had hoped for a change in leadership, that the Zoo would turn around for the better. No longer. There's an old Russian saying: "the fish rots from the head." Being that the zoo was county run, we needed a major political shakeup to see my dreams come to fruition.
I remember the news reporting the rumors and options. Il Duce must have been shaking in his boots. Also I'm having trouble keeping these strips leveled out here. I'm too lazy right now to fix it.
Don't worry. This won't happen once I'm syndicated.
It's frightening to think but this actually happened.
The last of the "conservation show" format. I'll revive it now and again. As you can see, there was no place for Bish to work and it just don't work as well without him.
Acinonyx jubatus
This was my tribute to Robert Armstrong and his creation MICKEY RAT. I completely pilfered this story straight from the cover of one of his comics. I didn't make any money on it! I swear!
Variations on a theme.
Posted in order. This one was squashed in there way back when and I'm just following the numbers.
Anas platyrhynchos
The first appearance of Big Bay the Bigfoot!
Loxodonta africana
Bish returns for a cameo!
I seem to have misplaced the original art and all I could find was this crappy b&w copy. I'll rectify this as soon as possible. I know there's a few color copies on file somewhere.
Vulpes vulpes
This was one of those pieces that made me think, "Damn, I knew what I was doing!" Then later I wonder what the hell happened.
I think I was reading a lot of Bernie Wrightson's stuff when I was doing this arc.
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