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Err wow, i'm just suprised I finally have this thing up and running.


I'm writer and illustrator for War Epic. This is my first webcomic, so please be nice?  I'm working out the kinks in sizing, shading, ect., so if the look and the feel of the comic changes from time to time (or it's blurry as heck), that's why. I apologise for my lack of mad art skillz.

Ghosts of Abbadon is my second webcomic, but considering it's younger than War Epic by only a few months, it's not too much different. Ghosts I make no apologies for unless I REALLY screw up.  That's why I call it 'alternative'. Yeah I know I'm special. 

If you have any questions, feel free to bug me on MySpace ( the blog link) or e-mail me at You can also check out my crap-tastic sketches on my homepage, which will send you to my deviantart. If you see the name 'Hell Puppi' anywhere, it's a safe bet it's me.

Thank you for reading and check out some other awesome webcomic artists while you're here!

Comics and logos are propertey of The Hell Puppi, with the exception of the Hell Puppi Logo, graciously made by Djinn_In_Tonic.
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