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Confused? See "Histoy of the Rettuli Empire" under my other comics. That'll give you some more info. Still confused? Yeah I don't blame you.  

War Epic

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Katrina and Auryn met through Lupin's clan of Vampies. The two became fast friends and over the years their relationship has evolved from that of two schoolmates to that of old friends and war buddies. Katrina has the deepest respect for Auryn and will follow her anywhere, much to Auryn's dismay.
Katrina has a near instinctive grasp of magic and uses it to full effect on the battlefield. She's Auryn's adviser when it comes to magical items, artifacts and the use of mages.
I'm not very good at drawing beautiful females, so just imagine her as a vampiritic Angelina Jolie. Back to the Cast Page
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